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Unity Waterproofing Specialist

Unity waterproofing specialist company, successfully running over 15 years in Singapore, is part of that company. Unity Waterproofing Specialist to provide you the right water proofing solution for your needs. Whether you are constructing a new building and want to ensure that it will have a long life, or you own an older building that needs to be restored to its original glory, Unity Waterproofing Specialist can provide the right solutions.

With over 25 years of experience, our Project Managers are experts at completing all jobs on time and on budget. Our skilled craftsmen in the field are highly trained professionals specializing in the application of waterproofing products, building restoration, as well as roof repair and replacement.

Unity Waterproofing Specialist is the perfect choice for your business. We have the best customer base and customer support!

Founder of Unity Waterproofing Specialist

Mr. Jesudoss


We endeavour to build a leakage and seepage-free society, with pioneering technology and world-class waterproofing solutions.


To build lasting relationships with our clients by delivering exceptional service and exceeding their expectations.


Delivering remarkable results in the shortest span of time with high-quality workmanship.